iartcolony – a space for creators and collectors to convene.

Bob and Jill Whitney Armstrong are the co-founders and co-conspirators bringing new visions and new visitors into Rockport to witness the art of the 21st century.  Designing shows of intrigue, pushing boundaries, and exploring all mediums and forms of artistic expression. 

Our current exhibition ICONS is a collections of nationally and internationally recognized artists, as well as those emerging.  

In 2015 iartcolony launched MOTIF 2015 – 15 artists from around the country presenting their visions of Motif #1 in the form of conceptual paintings, sculpture, photography, video and performance art installations – honoring Rockport's red icon, the most painted and photographed building in the world.  

In 2014 iartcolony orchestrated an incendiary exhibition – OUT OF BOUNDS 2014 – a seminal event hosted by the Rockport Art Association, including 18 alumni and faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 

Handcut Rockport Map by  Nikki Rosato

Handcut Rockport Map by Nikki Rosato