Why zero?

Motif No.1 already exists. A replica has been made before. This project is Motif 0 because it’s more than a duplicate, it’s a reduction to the essence of the Motif and something altogether new. It draws from the Motif - Rockport’s icon that sits nearer and nearer to zero ft sea level - and transforms it into a mobil beacon of hope. Motif 0. 
— Gianna Stewart

In 1933 A.T. Hibbard’s Motif No. 1 float built by members of Edward Peterson Post and the community at large made its way from Rockport, MA to the World’s Fair in Chicago. Making a stir along the way, it ultimately won “Best Float” in the American Legion Parade of Historic Floats, a triumph for Rockport. 

In December 2020, we propose a Motif once again depart Rockport, MA. This time it will head to one of the largest contemporary art fairs in the nation - Art Basel Miami. From one coastal city to another, MOT1F-0 will make its way through small towns, down long highways, and past major cities and ports. It will travel a distance comparable to the original float’s journey, illuminating its way along the Atlantic Coast as a strange red beacon. 

At a moment when facts are decried fake and science is dismissed, only absurdity can counter. In traffic jams, small towns, and coastal cities, MOT1F-0 will head along the Eastern Seaboard. A caravan of Rockport folks may follow. At stops along the way, and during Art Basel Miami, the public will be drawn to its glow and invited to interact with the work. Rockport’s icon will once again make its way to a national stage as MOTIF-0




On the 90 year anniversary of the planning of the 1933 Chicago World Fair — iartcolony and Gianna Stewart showcased MOTIF 0 at Art Basel Miami 2018, traversing the streets and art fairs throughout the city, similar to the journey planned for 2020 — as “the coolest clutch ever,” a remark made by Peter Tunney, NYC artist and co-founder of Goldman Global Arts Gallery of Wynwood Walls, Miami.