the artist as shaman

“shamanism has a clear message — we should respect the sanctity of Nature... reminding us that our destinies on this earth are all intertwined, for we are all one in Spirit. shamanism offers a powerful and optimistic message and it is in our own mutual interests to heed its call.” 
— Nevill Drury/Sydney, 1988

we have assembled an extraordinary cast of individuals
— from diverse disciplines and institutions: 

School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts — Tufts University — Boston University — Museum of Fine Arts, Boston — Harvard University — Harvard Divinity School — Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum — Mount Holyoke College — Pacific Zen Institute

april 28
portals open @ 5

the cast
june august
nancy bauer
krystle brown
tatia cynae
rita freed
leigh freudenheim
suje garcia
peter haines
sawool kim
greg lookerse
monica lynn manoski
darin murphy
cal rice
amy ross
carl ruck
david robinson
chris sageman
gianna stewart
john tarrant
rhea vedro
jill whitney armstrong
graham yeager

*Monica Lynn Manoski will be a giving a performance by the fire — Night Vision, a dream recitation, 2018 — Performance Schedule:  Moonrise 6:16, Sunset 7:39 AND Last Light 8:10

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