May 4 — 5 o’clock reveal

propaganda is a contemporary art exhibition — and happening.

propaganda is a multimedia show that does not focus on stereotypical conceptions about propaganda - nor does it concentrate on the purely overt political propaganda often seen showcased — propaganda is about the subtleties, depths and reaches that the overarching concept entails.  

propaganda - is not a show about good or bad - it is show - about how consuming and prevalent it is in our society and history.  we are the people of propaganda - we do not know a reality without it constructing our landscape.

18 multidisciplinary artists will deliver sincere responses to propaganda through painting, drawing, video, poetry, sculpture, representational and conceptual fine art. 

Performative artists will engage and interact with the audience throughout the opening reception via spoken word, ritual — and a special guest propaganda DJ performance by Mark Knudsen. 

— @6pm, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT — Monica Lynn Manoski explores and questions what it means to be human. Her performance uncovers the unconscious ideas that shape our perceptions of the world.  

— 5pm-9pm, ICONOCLASM 101 — Interactive: Darin Murphy, Head of SMFA Library at Tufts University, will be acting as docent, conducting tours of the exhibition and lead conversations throughout the evening — why are we in a gallery looking at art? What decisions were made, by whom, to validate this experience? What might this say about our visual and informational literacies, as well as institutional critique, both individually and societally?

— 5pm-9pm, INDOCTRINATION Audio: a special DJ Performance by Mark Knudsen, former Goth Band, now CTO of Medical Firm — has arranged a 6+ hour playlist of “propaganda music” — and will DJ live @8PM (timing pending crowd size) — his equipment will be set up on a 4’ square platform — “Technology enables mass communication of truth, opinion, sentiment, artifice, misdirection, and lies. How good are we at discerning which is which? Are we even paying attention? Are we influenced despite ourselves? Arguably modern propaganda creates a modern Tower of Babel undermining our ability to understand each other.”

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